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CPPS.to is the most stable, active Club Penguin Private Server in existence - which is the reason we've been running for nearly 5 years!

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We support 5 different languages - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German. Play in your native tongue - join CPPS.to today!

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With over 600 active users online a day you are guaranteed never to be bored or lonely. Meet new or play with existing friends!

With over 2 million registered users, we are #1!

CPPS.to was founded in 2011 by a small group of developers looking for change in the CPPS community. Their goal was to provide a safe environment for users of the Club Penguin Private Server community to play in. Five years later, CPPS.to is the #1 server in the community with the #1 team and #1 userbase. Create your penguin today and be part of the 2 million users party!